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Our Mission: The Lower Keys Guides Association is a non-profit organization of professional fishing guides dedicated to working for a sustainable resource through wise management practices, while recognizing the importance of sport fishing to the economy and cultural heritage of the Florida Keys.

What’s Happening Now

Preservation through stewardship

On the Horizon

Catch & Release Best Practices

- LKGA Fish Handling.pdf

Fishing etiquette is important!

  1. -LKGA Code of Conduct.pdf

2014 By-Laws Revisions

- LKGA By-Laws.pdf

Florida Keys Flats Fishery

- BTT Economic Impact Report.pdf

What else is going on? Checkout what’s being talked about.

  1. -LKGA Board & Recordings

Visit Bonefish & Tarpon Trust - Find out how you can further help our Florida Keys resources.

Visit the Guides Trust Foundation - Whether a fishing guide or angler, find out how GTF keeps it rolling.

Save the Barracuda: Being sold commercially as an unregulated species. This great gamefish of the flats is in danger! All fisherman alike can do more to save this underrated predator, and important link in the food chain. - Read more here...

- See Barracuda Press Release.pdf


PWC - LKGA Agreement: In an effort to resolve seasonal user conflict, the PWC Co-Op and LKGA held a series of meetings to discuss ways in which to better the working relationship between parties, further mutual understanding, promote a healthier fishery and increase safety of PWC tours.  The objective was to create a good faith agreement whereby both parties would jointly outline specific routes for PWC tours and guidelines for conduct.

- See here for full PWC - LKGA Agreement

FKNMS Zoning Process: At the Federal level, the Florida Keys are managed by two different agencies. Large portions of the Lower Keys were designated as Wildlife Refuges and controlled by the US Fish and Wildlife. The entire Florida Keys are included in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary under the control of NOAA.

  Both of these agencies are currently conducting a multi year Congressionally mandated regulatory review. When these reviews are completed, the management landscape of the Keys waters will look much different than today. We are taking an active role in this process.

- See here for our FKNMS Zoning Letter and Maps

- See here for the FKNMS Draft Council Workplan 12.11.2012.pdf

- Sanctuary Advisory Council timeline Click here