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Preservation Through Stewardship

The Lower Keys Guides Association's (LKGA) goal is to preserve rights and access to the fishery and to promote a style of use that is both sustainable and part of the area’s cultural heritage. We call for management practices at both the State and Federal level, that protect the resource and maintain access for sport fishermen.

Lower Keys Guides Association (LKGA)

Lower Keys Guides Association is a non-profit organization of professional fishing guides dedicated to working for a sustainable resource through wise management practices, while recognizing the importance of sport fishing to the economy and cultural heritage of the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys is a place like no other. We are fortunate to have an ecosystem in the United States that includes coral reefs, turtle grass, and sand flats that are constantly fed by currents from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. These currents and habitat provide us with the most unique fishery in the world. As we are all so lucky to call the Keys ours, it is also our responsibility to protect it. Learn More

Membership for Captains & Fishing Guides
Are you a Florida Keys fishing guide? We welcome your support in our efforts to work for a healthy ecosystem and strong fishing community here in the Lower Florida Keys. Learn More

Membership for Anglers & Conservationists
Not a guide but want to get involved? The LKGA welcomes anglers and like-minded individuals as part of our fishing community. Many of our clients as well as local anglers who share in our concerns and positions, are part of our organization as angler members. Learn More


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LKGA Upcoming Events

Get Trashed with the Lower Keys Guides Association

Get Trashed" with LKGA
Sunday, January 21, 2024 
Marine Debris Clean-Up. Drive through drop off! Drop off a bag of marine debris for a free raffle tickets & swag! Sugarloaf Marina. Do not need to be present to win raffe.

LKGA Annual Meeting

Annual LKGA General Membership Meeting 
Feb 20, 2024  5:30 - 7 p.m.
Renew your membership, Collect your swag, Hear the latest news, Meet the LKGA Board of Directors.

March Merkin
March 11-14, 2024
The largest and most competitive catch and release Permit tournament in the world. We salute Bonefish & Tarpon trust to help support their vital Permit research and conservation matters. Website

Sugarloaf Showdown
November 14-16, 2024
This three-day event is open to all anglers and is a fundraiser for the Guides Trust Foundation, which provides funds to guides recovering from an illness or injury. Website

Friends of LKGA

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Find out how you can further help our Florida Keys resources.

Guides Trust Foundation

Whether a fishing guide or angler, find out how GTF keeps it rolling.

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The Florida Keys are an unparalleled ecosystem. We are dedicated to becoming active participants in finding a balance between access for users, and protecting the health of this ecosystem.

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The LKGA would like to document any unusual, interesting, or concerning fish behaviors, water issues, navigational concerns/hazards, or any other general information about the fishery/local waters.

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Any nonprofit, political or advocacy group, educational/research institution, or aligning organization requesting a letter of support (LOS) from LKGA Board of Directors must submit a request here.

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