LKGA Board of Directors

President:                               Doug Kilpatrick
Vice President:                      Andrew Tipler
Secretary:                                John Benvenuto
Treasurer:                               Dale Bishop
Outreach Coordinator:        Will Benson

Board Member:                     Bob Beighley
Board Member:                     Will Benson
Board Member:                     Brandon Cyr
Board Member:                     Ian Slater


Tournament Subcommittee
Chairperson:    John Benenuto

This subcommittee organizes and executes successful tournaments throughout the year.  LKGA hosts the Sugarloaf Showdown each November and the March Merkin Invitational. Activities include planning, marketing, event day activities, silent auction, and TDC funding for these fishing tournaments.


Fundraising Subcommittee
Chairperson:   Will Benson

This subcommittee oversees the organization's overall fundraising efforts. To accomplish this, subcommittee members establish a fundraising plan that incorporates a mix of  options such as special fundraising events, in person outreach, direct mail, etc.   They monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.



Licensing (Out of State Guides) Subcommittee
Chairperson:   Doug Kilpatrick

This subcommittee oversees the organization's efforts to address this issue of unlicensed guides in the Florida Keys. Activities include reviewing local regulations being drafted and speaking with local officials that impact this issue.

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