The Florida Keys are an unparalleled ecosystem. With reefs,
wrecks, tidal flats and mangrove shorelines set amid a staggering
arrangement of aquamarine colored waters. It is America's sub
tropical playground welcoming visitors from around the globe.

The economy of the Florida Keys (Monroe County) is driven by
access to this ecosystem. In a NOAA study it was surmised that
upwards of 63% of the County's economy is derived from direct
and indirect use of this resource. Without question, this
ecosystem is our community's greatest resource. Yet it is finite.

Pressure to accommodate a growing variety of uses and higher
volume of users, has resulted in the need for management to
protect and ensure that it remains vibrant, and healthy for years
to come. It is the task of lawmakers to find a balance between
access for users, and protecting the health of this ecosystem.

We are dedicated to becoming active participants in this process.